A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Update: Chapter 2 has now been uploaded

A 'relatively' short Kinetic novel about a girl who gained the power of a fortune goddess and the trouble that came with it.


Chapter 1: Done

Chapter 2: Uploaded, 1 more sprite needed

Chapter 3: 0%

Chapter 4: 20%

Chapter 5: 10%

Also Credits to all the audio and sound effects I've downloaded from freesound.org, soundimage.org and Incompetech.com

Install instructions

Just use Winrar to extract the folder and execute the program?

I don't really try it out LOL


Kamiya-1.2 (chapter 2 update)-mac.zip 81 MB
Kamiya-1.2 (chapter 2 update)-pc.zip 96 MB

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